Canopy Tower

Soberanía National Park, Panama


The Canopy Tower is a one-of-a-kind ecolodge – as a former US Air Force radar tower, its rooms are like no other, offering spectacular views of the rainforest out every window. The Canopy Tower is located in the heart of Soberania National Park, and virtually surrounded by the best birding spots in Central America. It is right on the Caribbean Slope, but very close to the continental divide. Therefore, it is a great place from which to get a good sense of the differences in habitat between the dry Pacific Slope and the wet Caribbean Slope, without having to go very far thanks to Panama’s unique geography. To get to these birding areas nearby, we take you in our specialized birdmobiles!

Unique features

Radar tower made an ecolodge

50-feet observation deck

Luxury amenities

Specialized birding vehicles

Property Details


  • Rooms and suites
  • Rainforest views
  • Overhead fans


  • WiFi
  • iMac for guests´ use
  • Meals included
  • Hammocks


  • Library
  • Birdmobiles 
  • Expert bilingual bird guides

Top Activities


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Indigenous settlement visits

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