Why Embera

At Embera Collection, our mission is to lead the way in eco-luxury tourism and enrich the travel experiences of our guests worldwide. We partner with small luxury hotels, resorts, and lodges in Panama and Latin America, offering unique experiences where sustainability, luxury, and the environment coexist. With over three years in the market, we prioritize the preservation of ecosystems, protection of local communities, and the fundamental pillars of conscious travel. Join us in promoting responsible tourism and creating a positive impact on the world.

Recognition for our environmental and sustainable

Conscious travel

Mindful experiences and interactions between the traveler, local communities, and the environment.


Positive contribution to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. 1% of sales goes towards reforestation projects and affected communities.


Honoring diversity, responsible travel improves well-being, builds pride and creates cultural understanding. Embera Collection promotes sustainable tourism and positive impact.

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We were pleased to be able to make ourselves visible in such an important medium as NATGEO and on French television. Here are the links so you can get to know us a little more.

Leaders in Panama

As a leading company in Panama, Embera Collection seeks the best offers to plan your trip, ensuring you enjoy the most of each country you visit. Experience a unique adventure on an island or in the city with us.