Three weeks itinerary in Panama


As we saw in both “One week itinerary in Panama” and “Two weeks itinerary in Panama” there are many attractions to explore in Panama. Although 15 days is an amazing amount to visit this wonderful country, the person who can stay longer will enjoy a prolonged stay mixing the city with the beach.

Visit The Casco Viejo, Panama

As many tourists who visit Panama do, it is best to stay a few days in the city and tour it from start to finish. That is why we are going to propose seven days in the beautiful Casco Viejo this time. There you can stay in several hotels. One can be the case of Villa Palma Hotel, located in the heart of the Historic District. It has an impeccable restaurant and a rooftop bar with a view of the city. You will also be able to locate yourself in La Concordia Hotel. It´s near the center, icon, and symbol in the city of the old town. With great rooms, it can be a great choice to stay in.

There are countless things to do within the city. From the visit to the Biodiversity Museum, eternal walks through the historic center, and the visit to the Panama Canal.

Visit Saboga Island, Panama

After seven intense days of touring and visiting the city, we recommend you go to a place to rest and enjoy the sea as close as possible. By taking a boat (GoFastPanama), you can access a paradisiacal island, Saboga island. A place with a unique sense of peace. There you can stay in two incredible places to continue enjoying Panama. The Saboga Lodge Hotel, on the one hand, with the possibility of resting a few meters from the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful pool, yoga classes, and a bar that is up to the task, such as Koral Beach Cafe.

You can also stay in Villa Noelia on the same island, an eco-hotel located near the beach and surrounded by nature.  A place where the sea will be just as close as in Saboga Lodge and where you will be able to enjoy nature, relax and do activities such as kayaking or riding a quad.

Visit Villa Coco, Panama

Finally, and to close an unforgettable trip, we recommend you spend seven days in Villa Coco, a beautiful boutique hotel located in the small village of Santa Catalina, just a few steps away from well-known famous surfing spot “La Punta” and Coiba island. The villas are carefully designed to offer the best atmosphere of tranquility, wrapped in a paradise of flowers and lots of lush green.

In this case, we try to offer you the possibility of discovering Panama in depth. Twenty-one days where you mix tourism with relaxation and where you can make a truly extraordinary trip.

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