Two weeks itinerary in Panama


In our previous blog, “One week itinerary in panama“, we presented you a glimpse of what you can see and do with a week in Panama, but we know that for many people that time is not enough, so we came up with a two week itinerary for all the travelers who enjoy adventures and want to see the most important places in Panama. You will see incredible places to visit, the best accommodations and so much more.

Visit The Casco Viejo, Panama

There is nothing better than being able to walk through the historic city of Panama and visit the most picturesque places and the best restaurants and bars that this city can offer you. We recommend that you spend about 4 or 5 days in Casco Viejo. You can choose and spend a few days at the Concordia Boutique Hotel. A beautiful place located in the center of Panama. With super luxurious rooms that are around 40 to 80 square meters.

In the historical center of Panama City, there is a building that has been converted into a hotel. It is called Villa Palma Hotel. This colonial building will bring you back in time, but with modern amenities. You will also have a perfect location to stay if you plan to visit Casco Viejo. During your stay in the city, you cannot miss visiting the Panama Canal, the Biodiversity Museum, walking through the center’s streets, and seeing the ruins.

Visit Saboga Island, Panama

After a few days in the Casco Viejo, you cannot stop traveling to the islands to enjoy the sea and the beach. From Panama City, you can take a boat (GoFastPanama) that takes you to one of the most beautiful places in Panama, Saboga Island. There you can stay for about seven days enjoying the tranquility and nature. You can stay four days at Saboga Lodge and another three days at Villa Noelia Hotel. At first, you will be able to enjoy Spa treatments, the pool, being meters from the beach, and nature in the foreground. It also has a restaurant, Koral Cafe, with the best drinks and typical meals.

After spending four days there, you can go to Villa Noelia. Is an eco-hotel with a private beach that will make you be meters from the sea from your room. You can ride a quad and kayak. You have to go prepared to spend some incredible days on the Island.

Visit Villa Coco, Panama

To close your stay in Panama, we recommend spending 2 or 3 days at Villa Coco hotel. A beautiful boutique hotel, located in the small Panamanian fishing village of Santa Catalina, just a few steps away from the well-known surfing spot «La Punta» and Coiba island. You can enjoy an organic Spa treatment and the incredible beaches to end a dream trip.

Panama is a country with beautiful beaches, great destinations and attractive prices. There are many things to do in the country, from enjoying activities on the beach such as snorkeling and surfing, to visiting attractions and taking part in cultural events. Panama has a lot to offer for different interests and tastes.

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