If you haven’t visited Saboga Island yet, this is an ideal opportunity for you to do so. A place where you can live close to nature and have unique moments with your family or friends.
We will also tell you where you can stay and live a unique adventure.

Visit Saboga Lodge

Saboga Lodge is a sustainable accommodation on the island of Saboga located a short ferry ride away of Panama. This eco-hotel is in harmony with nature and It brings the land and its people together in a luxury island experience unlike any other. You can reconnect with the natural world, re-energize yourself, and relax away from the crowds on an paradisiacal beach. Comfortable rooms, a restaurant with typical food (Koral Café) and many activities to do during your stay there. Enjoy a few days in this wonderful place visiting Saboga Island.

Visit Villa Noelia

Villa Noelia is an eco-hotel with a private beach that will make you be meters from the sea from your room. You can ride a quad and kayak. It is a completely familiar place since children and pets are accepted. You can enjoy some incredible days there. The beach meters from the room, you can go eat at the Saboga Lodge restaurant and enjoy unique activities. You have to go prepared to spend some incredible days on the Island.

How to get to Saboga Island?

Go fast Panama is an ecotourism company established on the Island of Saboga, in the Pearl Archipelago. They offer plans and tours that adapt to the needs of the clients, revealing the best of our fauna, flora and maritime life. Their priority is that you have the best possible experience, and their greatest satisfaction is that you witness all the power and immensity that the mother earth offers.

A super reliable company that has been making trips for some time so that you can enjoy this wonderful island.

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information